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Fresh Expressions of church at the economic margins: An online ecumenical gathering

Next online gathering: 7-8.30pm 13th October 2022

Aim: An online ecumenical ‘brave’ space for church at the economic margin’s advocates and practitioners of fresh expressions of church hosted by Fresh Expressions and the Methodist church.

Hosted by: Tim Lea, Fresh Expressions Networks facilitator and animator and Eunice Attwood, Church at the Margins Officer, The Methodist Church


  • To share what we are noticing about new ways of being church in our communities amongst people experiencing economic poverty.

  • To reflect on the lived experience of people experiencing poverty.

  • To reflect on nurturing small groups, connecting with our communities beyond the walls of church buildings

  • To reflect on the fresh expressions of church journey and values in way which might lead to serving neighbour and neighbour loving Jesus.

  • To learn from each other, share good practice and resources

  • To be honest about the challenges

  • To witness to the need for the wider church to be changed by the gifts of people at the economic margins

  • Move beyond the middle-class norms dominating fresh expressions of church in some people’s minds

  • There is a real crisis emerging in the cost of living across the UK will result in greater numbers of people being destitute and people experiencing poverty in greater numbers.

  • To pray for another

  • To build a network which has experience and wisdom to share.


  • Open to all denominations

  • Church at the economic margin practitioners: People who are nurturing communities amongst people experiencing poverty

  • Church at the Margins advocates: People who oversee practitioners, or are influencers in developing work, overseeing policy, or releasing resources.

Book your place here.

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