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Cris Rogers , church leader at All Hallows Bow has just posted this on his Facebook page.

After concluding my Doctor of Ministry program with Asbury, I wanted to share with you some of the overall findings from my research project, as they may be of interest and relevance. (To some).

The research highlighted several areas of concern regarding working-class leadership and the church. One of the major areas I focused on was the discernment and training needs of the working-class community. The findings shed light on the unique challenges and opportunities present in this demographic, and how we, as the church, can better equip and empower working-class leaders.

To make these findings accessible, I have prepared an abridged version, which is now available on the Urban Mission UK website ( This resource includes both written content and video materials, designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the research outcomes.

The empowerment of working-class leaders within the church is a critical one, and I believe these findings can contribute to addressing this important issue. I encourage you to explore the resources on the website and reach out to me if you have any questions or would like to engage in further dialogue.

Thank you for your time

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Come together for Proximity 2024. The must-see, must-be, Urban Mission Conference is back on Friday 14 and Saturday 15 June 2024.

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The conference is two dedicated days for those working, living, serving and worshipping in urban areas. Designed to stretch your thinking, widen your skill set, and give you practical insight into loving as He loves, helping as He helps, and serving as He serves. 

Meet with God and like-minded people who’re tasked with sharpening your own practice. 

If you’re desperate to see the church move in closer proximity to people, both geographically and relationally, these communal gatherings, seminars, and worship times at Proximity Conference will recharge, refocus and re-inspire you.

Come together to dream dreams, sing songs and tell tales of transformation. 

Come together to be seen, heard and understood. 

In proximity of God.

In proximity of each another.

In proximity of the problem.

Come together.

Equipping you to keep going in the good and the not-so-good times, join us on Friday 14 and Saturday 15 June in Manchester for the Proximity Conference. Tickets for this always fly out fast, so grab yours today.

Where: The Message Trust, Lancaster House, Harper Road, Sharston, M22 4RG

When: Friday 14 and Saturday 15 June, 10am – 5pm each day

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