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Urban Mission 40 Years on Webinar
Webinar on Greg Smith's Urban Tract for William Temple Foundation
Urban Presence reflection on 24 years of mission
Urban Presence
natalie williams on working class and the church
Natalie Williams on working class church
A conversation with ray bakke
Ray Bakke
Bishop Philip North
Philip North

Estates Evangelism
Urban Presence Partners

Partners in Mission
urban ministry show Duncan Forbes

by Duncan Forbes
are you called to urban mission?
Are You Called to urban mission?

London City Mission
morecambe churches social action
Morecambe Churches Forum

Social action in Morecambe
tl nelson_edited_edited.jpg
Together Lancashire

Grassroots Action in Nelson

tings that matter - chalenges of urban mission in London
Things That Matter

Efrem Buckle on the Challenges of Urban Ministry in London

William Temple Foundatiom logo links to web site
Living Theology Forum  Church Urban Fund
Jon Kurht's Grace and Truth Blog
John Root's Blog Out of Many One People
The Estate We're In, Al Bareett's blog
London City Mission Blog
Urban Theology Union jubilee blogs
life on the breadline Blogs
glasgow city mission blogs
steve latham Jeremiad blog
baptist rRacial Justice blogs
edinburgh city mission blog
Primitive Ranter Blog Greg Smith
urban Christian woman blog from USA
Together Lancashire stories and reflections blog

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