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Explore doing a PhD with UTU

Urban Practitioners and church leaders may want to take time out to reflect deeper and research some aspect of ministry or theology to Doctoral level. UTU offers excellent opportunities. 

I write to wish you a Happy New Year and to invite you to consider a day seminar with UTU’s PhD group (dates below) or to join an PhD Enquiry Zoom that would be scheduled separately.



Attending a seminar gives you an invaluable first-hand taste of what the PhD experience with UTU might look like for you. During seminar, PhD students and supervisors share reflections on God and life, our projects, proposals, challenges, and discoveries. Annual supervision, one on one, also takes place with individual guidance for students. A seminar would be a great opportunity to meet our PhD family, including myself, Rev. Dr Neil Johnson (PhD supervisor), and others — you will find that we are approachable, capable and enthusiastic about helping you achieve your scholarly goals.


The dates of our seminars are . . .


  • 19-20 February

  • 10-11 June

  • 23-24 September


If one of these days suits you, please let us know so that we can help with logistics and scheduling.

Additionally, Neil and I are happy to talk with you about the PhD about these topics:


  • Writing a Research Proposal;

  • The structure and supervision of a York St. John PhD at UTU, a constituent college of Luther King Centre; 

  • UTU’s Peer-based approach to the PhD research and writing;

  • Share with you about previous successful theses at UTU;

  • How each seminar supports your progress through research, analysis, and your scholarly contribution to knowledge;

  • What it takes to succeed at viva, the final stage of the degree.


PhD Enquiry Zoom


If you would like to be included in a Doodle poll for a PhD Enquiry Zoom, please let us know and we’ll put out a Doodle poll to set up a meeting. In addition to outlining the programme, as above, we would be able to answer specific questions and offer support in your discernment process.


Obviously, you’re welcome to attend both a seminar and an Enquiry Zoom. 

I look forward to hearing from you. Should you have any questions, please give me a shout. Be happy to talk.






Rev. Dr Rob Hoch (Yidokodiltona)

Director of Theological Studies

Urban Theology Union




Mobile 07738499751

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