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An important new blog post from Bishop Philip North

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An Important new blog from William Temple Foundation

The Rise of World Christianity and the Decolonising of Mission 22 Oct 2021

Dr Harvey Kwiyani, CEO of Global Connections, offers his take on the challenge of decolonising mission.

The emergence of world Christianity in the past 50 years has some serious implications for God’s church in the world. MORE

Ask your MP and councillors to challenge poverty

Challenge Poverty Week England & Wales is an opportunity for us all to say what needs to change after Covid to enable our own communities to thrive. And we need our elected representatives to play their part.

Use this form to send an email to your MP and/or councillor(s), asking them what they are doing to challenge poverty in your region. You can make it the start of a conversation – hold them to account, and see how you can work together to challenge poverty where you live.

Fill in your address on the right. We'll identify your representatives and provide a template message for you to send