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A new urban mission website brought to you by our friends at 

the Eden Network

If you’ve not had a chance to look at Proximity yet, why not head to today and take a look. There you’ll find resources that have created specifically for people like yourself working in estates and cities. New content is going to be regularly released for you including videos, weekly podcasts and much more

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About this Site

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The aim of this site is to provide a gateway to all of the best resources and ideas for

urban mission and ministry in the UK in the 21st Century. We have included material and organisations working from a wide range of theological perspectives from the conservative evangelical to the radical and Catholic. A fuller account of how and why the site was developed appears here on CUF's Living Theology Forum.


The initial version has been put together by Greg Smith of William Temple Foundation in consultation with colleagues from other organisations including Paul Keeble, Erica Dunmow and Stuart Murray-Williams. As a portal site to a huge range of urban mission material, it will never be complete, and we hope it will be constantly expanding. If you know of important organisations, literature or other resources that we have missed please use the contact form to send details to us and we will endeavour to add them as soon as possible.


The site relies almost entirely on hyperlinks to websites and other online resources that are curated by third parties. If you spot any broken or non functioning links or have any problems with us flagging up pages you have published, please do get in touch.

We would also love to hear from you with comments and reactions to this site - feedback positive or negative will help us to improve it.

What is Urban Mission and Ministry?

Urban mission and ministry as we understand it, covers Christian outreach in word and action in contexts which have at least one of the following characteristics,


  1. a concentrated settlement with a large population - maybe 50,000+

  2. a diverse population in terms of social class, ethnicity, religion

  3. concentrated high levels of poverty and deprivation.


In many situations, especially in the poorer areas of the largest cities, these three features will intersect. However, there are many other types of areas meeting only one or two of these criteria, which fall within the scope of our reflections. Each place will have distinctive local characteristics and it is important for urban mission practitioners to study the features of British cities and towns where they live and work, in all their variety.

This web site is set up and managed by Greg Smith, Associate Research Fellow at the William Temple Foundation in partnership with various colleagues and associates......

William Temple Foundatiom logo links to web site

Contact us

  • to give feedback about the design or content of this site

  • to suggest resources or information that we can add

  • to ask to become a member of our Urban Portal Discussion Group

  • to ask questions about Urban Mission and Ministry

  • to offer us a link to your church website to add to our churches page

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